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A Cat From My Next Door

You are not my pet But you live in my house more Than the one that feeds you so big.

You are not my pet
But you live in my house more
Than the one that feeds you so big.
I don't know what you like to eat
You never fancy my food.
You just like popping in my kitchen
Sniffing around my leftovers
Lying about on my dinning table
And staring at me.

You are not my mate
But if there is somebody calling me on
You are the only one.
Banging my door when the sun is out, the sky is blue
Scratching my window where you can see and reach me.
You simply like to come around
I simply like to let you in
Then we start to chat around
Meowing away.

You are not the one I love
But you like to warm through my bed of double
Purring away and falling into sleep there.
You like me touching your soft, gentle body
You like me stroking your smooth, silky hairs
You like me holding your face and looking into
Your eyes so big and round.
And whenever I do I feel like
It seems it is only two of us
So close in this world.
You seem to be the one
To make a dark day of mine here
Seem bright.

Actually, in heart we are the same
We want to love and be loved
In this lonely planet.
When your master is not at home, out for work
I will be the one
To look after you
To keep you company, and
Putting you up.

But when you scratch and bite me
Bleed my hand,
I chuck you out.

25.04.2005, 4:33 pm, Mon.

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