Lau Tiam Kok


I have freed myself from the prison I built
Did you know?

I have freed myself from the prison I built
Did you know?
I have come home to see you on the hill
Did you know?
But only to find an empty room
a wardrobe with some of your old clothes
dust, spider webs, lizards, and
old pictures of us you kept
Did you know?

I stood at your grave to hold you
but only to find a cold stone
engraving your name
and the grass grew above you
standing sharp like knifes
chilly like winds
Did you know?

I know, no one is ever gone
not a bit
you have just became less orderly
some bits of you are here in wait
some have travelled far by wind
to distant places
just to find me

So I have followed you
I have come to distant cities and hills
to catch you in the wind and rain
I have walked to the edge of cliffs and
the bank of winding rivers
to wonder bits and stars
Did you know?
Did you see me on the road?

I know, some bits of you are at home
So I stayed and waited for a while
just like you did
I have tidied the house and
made it comfortable
just as I had imagined how you
would have loved to live in
Did you know?

I also raised some cats,
grew some plants, flowers
and fruits
Did you know?
I trod the roads you used to tread
I breathed the air you used to breath
I ate the food you used to eat
Did you know?

Now, I am not at home with you
I am everywhere with you
I am everywhere with you
you know
you know

19.03.2021, 08:18 am, Friday.


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© Lau Tiam Kok