Stoke, 2013

09-09-2016 08:11:24 AM

By ghost, everything that has just died out will rise again; every moment that has just drifted away will come back again.

A Place, 2008

01-11-2016 03:05:59 PM

Even if the world - where we’re held back by others - is not going to last, I still have a place to go.

Dust, 2008

01-11-2016 03:05:59 PM

What is it for when the complexity of being reduces into atoms of dust in science, philosophy, arts, and poetry?

Waiting, 1998 - 1999

01-11-2016 03:05:59 PM

There is a seed under the snow waiting to become a rose. I come to water it day by day, watch it and waiting it to grow every day, then I come to know, this is love.

Slow, 2007

01-11-2016 03:05:59 PM

In 2007, Plymouth Arts Centre's curatorial programme explores the idea of Slowness as a critical method and metaphor for contemporary art and curatorial practice.

Looking, 1997 - 2000

01-11-2016 03:05:59 PM

All will pass: our achievements and failures, loves and hatred, religions and science, but this will remain: the wonderer looking into the distance, the mist rising over the sea horizon.

Twenties, 2006

01-11-2016 03:05:59 PM

When you are eighty and dying, What is left from your twenties?

Rising, 1999 - 2000

01-11-2016 03:05:59 PM

We are mere star stuff, caught with each others in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of the Earth.

TI 872, 1998

01-11-2016 03:05:59 PM

Our house is our first universe. It is our first world.

Kirby, 2007

01-11-2016 03:05:59 PM

If we could see the origins We may understand; If we could return We may remember.

Going, 1996 - 2002

01-11-2016 03:05:59 PM

Home is never been here nor used to be there.