Twenties, 2006

01-11-2016 03:05:59 PM

When you are eighty and dying,
What is left from your twenties?
Your skin is rotting you,
Your cosmetics are giving you away,
Your hairs are greying in silence,
Slipping away while you are sleeping.
What is left by then?
My heart never leaves you;
Even one day when you are lying
Under the green land,
If you return
With just a little,
A little tinge of whisper
You make with the wind
That sends you here,
Even though I am sleeping,
I will love you as in my twenties
As I do.

LTK, 12.08.2003, 01:45 am, Tuesday.


"Twenties" is a public project funded by Breeze scheme, one of the 12 project ideas chosen and developed with the help of BBC Radio Devon and a range of other local partner organisations. "Twenties" aims to beautify the city with poetry. Six pieces of poster size of English and Mandarin poems on ageing and memory were produced and displayed in the city of Plymouth.

Breeze was a partnership including the BBC, Plymouth Arts Centre and TR2. It also had backing from the Plymouth Consortium for Diversity in the Arts and the Plymouth & District Racial Equality Council. This means the scheme offered an innovative opportunity for those wanting to create a new project and learn new skills.

Breeze aims to seek out raw and emerging talent in the arts and media and to create a broad range of opportunities to help people on their creative journeys. Jointly sponsored by BBC South West and the Arts Council, each project features artists working with media and arts professionals to realise their ambitions.

More info at BBC website