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Advanced Vue.js Web Development: Build Vue.js 3 single-page and universal applications using Composition API

by Lau Tiam Kok

06 March 2022, 12:00 PM, Sunday

A practical hands-on guide for creating single-page applications (SPAs), server-side rendering applications (SSR), and universal applications using Composition API from Vue.js 3. The code repository of this course can be downloaded from If you are interested in this course, please contact me for the course guide, which is written in Markdown documents. The course guide is £35.

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn to create routes, pages, layouts, components, composables, middleware, and Vuex stores in your Vue applications. You will also learn to mock data using Markdown documents and a REST API for your Vue.js applications; integrate your Vue.js projects with Windi CSS and Less CSS preprocessor; handle static and dynamic assets such as images and fonts; create a shopping cart system using Vuex; handle and validate forms. And lastly, you will learn to migrate to Nuxt 3 with Composition API from Vue.js 3, as well as using Vue.js 3 for WordPress and Vite for creating Vue.js 3 SSR and universal applications.

Takeaway Skills

  • Create Vue.js applications using Vue CLI and Vite

  • Create routes, pages, and layouts with Vue Router

  • Create dynamic layouts with Vue Router, Mitt, nad Vuex

  • Create a shopping cart system with Vuex

  • Lazy-load components and images

  • Mock data and a REST API with Markdown documents

  • Use Windi CSS and Less in Vue.js applications

  • Handle static and dynamic assets

  • Learn basic Nuxt.js 3

  • Create Vue.js applications for WordPress

  • Create Vue.js SSR/ universal applications with Vite SSR

  • Integrate Vite SSR with WordPress

Chapters and Lessons

  • Chapter 1. Introducing Advanced Vue

    • Knowing the Course
    • Knowing Vue
    • Getting Started with Vue CLI
    • Getting Started with Vite
  • Chapter 2. Managing Assets and Adding UI Frameworks

    • Serving Assets
    • Adding UI Frameworks
    • Adding CSS Preprocessors
    • Serving Dynamic Assets
  • Chapter 3. Fetching Data and Creating Pages, Layouts, and Components

    • Creating Pages
    • Fetching Data
    • Creating Layouts
    • Creating Components
  • Chapter 4. Managing States

    • Understanding Vuex
    • Creating a Shopping Cart with Vuex
    • Persisting and Modularizing Vuex Stores
    • Leveraging Vuex Helpers and Vue Slots
  • Chapter 5. Working with Forms

    • Creating Custom Form Inputs with v-model
    • Validating Form Inputs
    • Validating Forms with Vuelidate
  • Chapter 6. Introducing Nuxt

    • Getting Started with Nuxt
    • Adding Pages and Fetching Data
    • Adding Layouts and Components
    • Adding Windi CSS and Less CSS Preprocessor
  • Chapter 7. Going Further From Here

    • Knowing Your Options
    • Testing Your Knowledge

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