Dustbox Data Streams, 2016 & 2017

01-11-2016 03:05:59 PM

  • Designed by: LTK
  • Programmed by: LTK
  • Specs: NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB; Bootstraps, HTML, CSS; Google Place Library.
  • Client: Citizen Sense / Goldsmith University London, London, UK
  • Dustbox Data Platform

The real-time data from the Dustboxes will be streamed to Citizen Sense Dustbox Streams platform, where the “raw” particle count data (as a percentage) and “converted” data (as PM2.5 µ/m3) will be available to view. Citizen Sense is undertaking calibration in relation to monitoring sites and as an ongoing process, along with testing the Dustboxes in relation to reference monitors in the London Air Quality Network (LAQN ) at the Marylebone Air Quality Observatory.

More info at Citizen Sense.